Who should attend

The ideal audience for the 11th International Venture Capital Forum consists of young, dynamic entrepreneurs, operating in the South Eastern European region, that are looking for venture capital financing, as well as seasoned entrepreneurs and executives looking for private equity investments.

Venture capital and private equity fund managers looking for investment opportunities are also encouraged to attend, while we believe that government officials who are looking to build an understanding of the venture capital and private equity industries will also benefit.

What to expect

Expect a creative discussion regarding the venture capital and private equity industries in South Eastern Europe. Target takeaways from the convention on 5 April 2011 include an understanding of what kind of investment opportunities attract investment funds, what kinds of issues do investment managers face and how did successful investments materialize in the past. If you have submitted an investment proposal, expect a few private one-to-one meetings with investment managers on 6 April 2011, pending on the attractiveness of your proposal.

What not to expect

A free ride! If you are looking for equity financing or are looking to evaluate investment proposals don’t expect others to do it for you. You will have to commit yourself, to do your homework and to put in some man-hours for a realistic business plan or an actual investment to take place.

And most of all: Don’t expect fund managers to fall head over heels and start begging for you to allow them to invest in your investment proposal! It’s usually a case of you trying to convince them!

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